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Thanks to the following people who reported typos or problems with APUE3e, or otherwise helped in some way.

  1. Yasir Assam was the first to report the missing bibliography entry in error #1.
  2. Cheolmin Jung reported error #3.
  3. James Steele reported error #7.
  4. Paweł Sosnowski reported errors 8, 22, and 23.
  5. Atuso Ohki reported errors 9 through 17, found while translating the text from English to Japanese.
  6. Michael Kerrisk reported errors 18 through 20.
  7. Ji Bin reported error #21.
  8. Liwei Jiang and Scott Duffey reported error #24.
  9. Javad Kouhi reported error #25.
  10. Justin Pryzby reported error #26.
  11. LiZhan Wu reported error #27.
  12. Patrick O'Brien provided helpful comments on some of the thread examples from the second edition, which were taken into account while updating the third edition.